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           Albilad Fire Fighting Systems Company Limited is at the forefront of fire protection services. We partner with world-class companies such as TYCO, UTC, HONEYWELL, and SOLBERG to bring cutting-edge fire detection and suppression systems to Saudi Arabia. Our large modern local manufacturing facilities in Dammam and Yanbu offer our customers the best of both worlds –global technology and design that meets local requirements.

What are the advantages of having local manufacturing facilities?

  • Easy access to globally renowned firefighting systems: fire hydrants, gas detection systems, fire alarms, eye safety showers, foam skids, and deluge skids are among the fire protection systems we offer for your commercial and industrial needs. We manufacture/assemble NOVEC 1230 fire suppression systems, VESDA systems, or FM-200 systems right here in Saudi Arabia.
  • Locally customized solutions: Having a local presence enables us to offer home-grown fire fighting solutions that suit your specific requirements. Our systems engineers will review your needs and provide the best possible options for your facility.
  • Fast turnaround on every project: We are able to provide quick turnaround on even your biggest and most complex design and commissioning requests. Our quick response reduces your liabilities and downtime while assuring that your employees (and your property) have the best fire protection.
  • Convenient refilling facilities: Your fire suppression systems should always be ready to deal with a situation. Having local refilling facilities for gas and foam systems gives you the confidence and peace of mind that come from knowing that you are in control.
  • Local maintenance and repair options: Maintenance is a key factor in keeping your fire detection and suppression systems in optimal working order. Such maintenance includes periodic checks of fire protection systems, immediate troubleshooting to investigate any shortcomings, and whatever tweaks or repairs might be needed to eliminate any gaps in your safety and fire protection.

When you want total fire protection, think Albilad Fire Fighting Systems Company Limited. From design and manufacturing to installation and distribution testing, commissioning, and maintenance, we take care of all your needs. As the oldest firefighting systems company in Saudi Arabia, we have been protecting life and property for more than 35 years.

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