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Albilad Fire Fighting Systems: Protecting Life and Property for Over 35 Years

Saudi Arabia’s Oldest Fire Protection Company Offers Absolute Peace of Mind

Albilad Fire Fighting Systems Company , Limited offers advanced protection to minimize personal injuries, business liabilities, and losses. From fire and gas detection systems to foam or CO2 fire suppression, foam skid generating, eye safety showers, and cabinet assemblies, Albilad provides complete solutions to cover every aspect of fire detection and protection.

Albilad is 100% owned by two Saudi partners: Albilad Establishment for Trading and the well-respected FAL Holding group. Albilad has been protecting life and property from fire all across the Kingdom for more than 35 years.

What you need to know about us:

  • We are the oldest Fire Protection Company in the Middle East: Our senior position in the industry means that every firefighting solution we provide is supported by expert personnel with excellent knowledge in providing customer service.   
  • We provide complete firefighting solutions: We think of everything so that you can have absolute peace of mind. Our company specializes in the engineering, design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of complete fire and gas detection and protection systems for high-risk areas with extensive turnkey capabilities. We are your one-stop shop for:

Fire hydrants, fire monitors, fire hose reels and cabinets, fire alarms and fire detection equipment, foam blending and refilling, fire extinguishers, eye safety showers, pipe and structural

  • We cater to your biggest and most complex commercial requirements: Albilad has the expertise to meet your most challenging requirements. We work with companies all across Saudi Arabia, including Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, SWCC, in all disciplines including:


  1. Industrial,
  2. Residential and commercial estates
  3. Petrochemicals,
  4. Oil and gas,
  5. Power and water


  • We ensure on-time project completion: At our fire fighting systems company, we know the importance of on-time and within-budget project execution and completion. For every project we handle, we assign a dedicated project execution team comprising qualified and experienced staff to ensure that all projects are completed according to schedule.
  • We offer advanced fire protection systems at competitive prices: Fire safety should not have a premium attached to it‒even if it is the most advanced. That is why you will find Albilad pricing very affordable when you purchase top quality fire fighting systems and engage our personalized service.
  • We have modern local manufacturing facilities to provide quick response. Our facilities in Dammam and Yanbu are equipped with cutting-edge technology and systems to provide localized solutions and quick turnaround on all projects. These offerings include:
  1. A modern foam laboratory
  2. Design engineering facilities
  3. Manufacture and assembly
  4. Supply chain
  5. Testing and commissioning
  6. Maintenance and repair
  7. Refilling of gas and foam systems
  8. Pipe fabrication
  • Albilad provides global products tailored to your local requirements: the Albilad difference lies in its ability to tailor global solutions to your specific requirements using equipment from the most trusted manufacturers:
  • Notifier Fire Alarm Company (USA)
  • Edwards Systems Technology (EST) – (USA)
  • Reliable (USA)
  • XTRALIS – Vesda (USA)
  • Pyro-Chem / ANSUL –TYCO ( USA )

Certifications: Albilad Fire Fighting Systems is a trusted name in fire protection. As a manufacturer, we are certified for ISO 9001:2008 of Quality Control Systems and Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures. We implement these standards throughout our operations and perform regular quality and safety audits to assure you that we are following and maintaining the highest international standards.



Place an Order or Service Contract/Agreement with Albilad for cutting-edge fire fighting systems manufactured/assembled at our well-equipped local facilities in Saudi Arabia/Middle East.

Fire protection systems are an integral and important part of work safety, especially in high risk industries like petroleum, chemicals, oil and gas. Investing in the latest technology initiates instant response saving lives and minimizing property destruction.  We help save lives and property.