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Inergen Systems

Inergen Systems are designed to extinguish fires involving flammable liquids, gases, and electrical equipment.

INERGEN a mixture of three naturally occurring gases that neither support combustion nor have an impact on the ozone layer. The three gases are nitrogen (52%), argon (40%) and carbon dioxide (8%).

These systems, which produce a total flooding in an enclosed hazard, consist of a fixed supply of INERGEN connected to a piping system with nozzles to direct the agent. INERGEN extinguishes fires by lowering the oxygen content of the surrounding air below the level that supports combustion. In simple terms, most ordinary combustibles will not burn if the oxygen content of the atmosphere is reduced to less than15%.

INERGEN is stored as a gas. Because the discharged gas is invisible, people can safely leave the protected area without obscured vision.

INERGEN systems are particularly valuable for enclosures containing fire hazards, for equipment where a clean, electrically non-conductive medium is essential, or in places where foam, water, or powder would hinder cleanup.

Under normal conditions INERGEN is an odorless, colorless gas with a density similar to that of air.

INERGEN does not decompose when subjected to heat from fire, and so it does not produce hazardous breakdown products. Nevertheless, it must be recognized that in a fire, decomposition products from the fire itself (especially carbon monoxide, smoke, and heat) can create hazards in the protected area or enclosure. Furthermore, combustion can reduce the level of oxygen below that expected from the agent discharge alone.

INERGEN simultaneously reduces the oxygen concentration in an enclosure and increases the carbon dioxide concentration. Proper and safe INERGEN design requires that the concentration of these gases should fall within design windows that limit the upper and lower concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

INERGEN is appropriate in occupied spaces when the design concentration falls within these windows.



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